Over summer break, Perch & Play will host a series of half-day exploration classes featuring special guest instructors. Your children will enjoy a variety of new experiences each day including games, music discovery, theatre, skills development, and of course, play on our playground. Healthy snack and lunch are provided each day.

For ages 3–5
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General Schedule

9-9:45a Books & Play
9:45-10:45a Music, Theatre, or Code Discovery Time
10:45-11a Snack
11-11:30a Free Play
11:30-12:30p Music, Theatre, or Code Discovery Time
12:30-1p Lunch

Guest Instructors

Julie Lewis, back by popular demand, will lead our music discovery camp in June.

Laura Ann Poehner, one of our very own Playground Hosts, will lead the Kids Code Camp.

Performers  from The Upfront Theatre will lead our Improv Theater Camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child need to bring? Nothing specific. We will provide everything they need including a healthy snack, and lunch each day. If you would prefer to pack them a snack and/or lunch, you're welcome to.

When is the registration deadline? The friday prior to the start of each camp.

How large are the classes? We are capping each class at 10 participants.

What ages are these camps for? Each camp is designed for a slightly different age range.

  • Music Discovery Camp is for ages 3–5
  • Kids Code Camp is for ages 5–10
  • Improv Theatre Camp is for ages 7–12

Will my kids have a chance to get their energy out? Absolutely! We're not going to let this giant playground go to waste! Both groups will get time to run, jump, climb, and play each day. We're going to rotate through 3 different play & learning environments each day, so kids will experience something new every 90 minutes or so.

Is snack & lunch provided? Yes! All day camp participants will enjoy a different healthy snack and healthy lunch each day at no additional cost to you. And we can accommodate special diets.

Can I do just a single day? Not with these camps. The projects build throughout the week, so for the best experience, kids will need to be here for the whole week. If you have a special trip or event planned, missing a day or even two isn't a deal-breaker. But tuition for the week is the same for all participants, even if they miss a couple days.