Launching on October 7th. Enrolling NOW!

Play is the highest form of research. —Albert Einstein

Playschool, an enrichment childcare environment for children ages 3–5 that meets Monday - Friday from 8:30 - 12:30p. 

Children are naturally curious, and our role as early educators is to set the stage for them to do the important work of childhood—play. That’s why our approach is project-based and exploratory. This creates an engaging learning environment that encourages deep exploration of a variety of topics, critical thinking, communication, creativity, social skills development, and independence.

Our classroom has a maximum of 10 children, ensuring we can give loads of attention to each child.

Informational Open House

Sept 28 | 6p - 8p @ P&P

Enrollment is now open, and the Playschool class will meet for the first time on October 7. With only 10 available slots in this class, it’s sure to fill up fast. If you want to learn more before you commit, visit our open house on Sept 28 anytime between 6-8pm.

Our teacher, Alex Straus, will inspire you with our educational philosophy and our Operations Manager, Gina Russell, will be on hand to answer any logistical questions you might have.


How many children in each classroom?

10 maximum

What age children is Playschool designed for?

All (potty trained) children ages 3-5

How much does Playschool cost?

$200 /week tuition (includes a P&P membership, so existing members enjoy a 15% discount)

$20 /month activity fee

$50 /year registration fee

When does Playschool meet?

M-F 8:30a - 12:30p and following the Bellingham School District’s lead regarding school emergency closures, and holiday breaks

What is the daily schedule?

8:30 Drop Off

9:00 Playground

9:45 Morning Meeting

10:00 Free play & Small group time

11:00 Outside walk

11:45 Snack

12:15 Review

12:30 Pickup

What curriculum do you use?


The Project Approach developed by Lilian Katz which intends for children to conduct deep-dive explorations into various topics, building on children’s natural curiosity and enabling them to interact, question, connect, problem-solve, communicate, and reflect. In this approach, learning extends beyond the classroom, inviting children to become shapers of their world.

Who is the teacher?

Alex Straus holds a degree in Early Elementary Education of Western Washington University. During his first tour at P&P, while he studied at WWU, he quickly became a playground favorite. After graduation, Alex taught first grade for a year in Ferndale before we recruited him to lead the re-launch of Playschool (and some other things still in development).